Question Graphical glitches and computer crashes.


Nov 26, 2018

I am currently having a problem with my display, I was playing Escape From Tarkov one day and when I went full screen I got a weird graphical error, links to an image are at the bottom of the post, I was still able to interact with everything and my 2nd monitor was fine, there was no way to get rid of this, so I had to restart my computer and it fixed it. This has recently been happening a lot more and im not sure why, boarder less full screen is fine but going full screen isn't even when using my native resolution. This so far has been a Tarkov only glitch, however there are no reports of it happening to anyone else. This issue doesnt happen every time I load up tarkov, sometimes its fine, sometimes it breaks, im not sure what it causing it to break tho.

Another glitch has started occurring when I go full screen, in which my display goes to no signal, and its almost like my computer has crashed, I have no control over my second monitor and anything on my second monitor crashes and I have to do a full restart, I have tried many different ways to get my monitor to get signal again and non has worked. I thought this was a Tarkov only glitch, until I was playing League Of Legends on a resolution that isnt my native one, and my game broke, however im not sure if my using a non-native res has anything to do with it, because on Escape From Tarkov I use my native resolution and this still happens. This issue also doesn't always appear when I go fullscreen, it just randomly happens like there is another variable in play breaking my computer when I go fullscreen.

The first issue I believe arose when I installed Nvidia Geforce experience, and the second arose for no specific reason, however I could be wrong on both of these. My main monitor is a display port, and yes it does click when I plug the display port in. All my graphics drivers are up to date along with my windows. Im not sure if these issues are connected. The only think I can think of is that I moved my main monitor just before the first issue start occurring, so maybe the issue started there?

Operating System
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Intel Core i7 @ 3.60GHz
Haswell 22nm Technology
MSI H81M-E34 (MS-7817) (SOCKET 0)
%1 Chipset
2260WG5 (1920x1080@75Hz)
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (ZOTAC International) 62 °C

I had to take the images on my phone and them upload them to after, because just taking a picture with printscreen directly showed no issues, making me think that my monitor is at fault for this. (In the red highlighted box there is meant to be a normal rectangle, however you can see there that its not)