Question Graphics card broken ?

Jan 24, 2020
Hello! Recently i took my graphics card out of computer for some cleaning, but i didn't ground myself in any way before proceeding.
I took out the fan and the plastic casing as well from it to get rid of dust inside.
However, when i inserted the graphics card back into the mother board (after assembling), it wasn't working anymore (due to static discharge when i touched it ?).
Is it broken completely or can i do something about this ? (it is not even detected in device manager, neither it outputs image)
Video card model: MSI Radeon HD 5750 (version with black blades)
Here's a picture i've found over the internet:
Any suggestion would be appreciated


Usually pretty safe to handle, unless you knocked a capacitor loose or something. Check the fan cable. Re-insert the card into the motherboard. Unplug the PSU for a while and let it discharge. All free, just a bit of time.

It is an old card and if it is broken a replacement will not cost much, especially used.

GT740 GDDR5 would be faster. R7-250 either DDR3 or GDDR5.

Anything GTX 700 series and up (GTX750, 750Ti, GTX950), anything RX 400 or 500 series. (RX550, RX460)

Talking sub $50 used, and brand new cards in the $80 range like the GT1030