Graphics Card Troubleshoot - Screen/PC Freeze while Gaming


Dec 24, 2013
I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 that I installed in a build I put together last April. Within the past three weeks I've been experiencing random drops in frame rate while playing Overwatch, from 150 to approximately 120. This seems to be getting worse over time as the drops are increasing in frequency and getting as low as 80. Then, my game started freezing at moments of intense engagement. I could still hear sound, but could not alt+tab or move to another desktop. It's totally frozen. Sometimes it resolves itself, but only slowly resumes normal play. The frame rate increases to normal over time, but it really acts like lag despite 25 ping. Other times I get completely disconnected from the game.

I've checked and I do have the most recent drivers installed. I may wipe them and reinstall to see if that helps. My CPU is operating at about 40-50 degrees, so I don't think it's overheating.

If anyone has any thoughts, they'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

FYI here's some system information. If anything else seems relevant don't hesitate to ask.
- Intel i5-7600K
- Asus Prime Z270-AR
- EVGA Supernova 650G2 80+ Gold PSU
- 16 RAM
Are you overclocking the 1060? It could be an unstable overclock. If you are I would remove the overclock and see if the problems continue.

I would also try a clean install of the drivers. Download the latest Nvidia drivers. When the driver menu opens, do not select "recommended", instead select "custom". After you select custom there will be a new check box at the bottom of the menu that will say to perform a clean install (something like that, I don't remember verbatim). Check that box. What that will do is completely remove all of the old drivers and do a fresh install of new drivers.

These would be the easiest solutions as they are software problems and not hardware problems.

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