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Question Graphics Card Upgrade Will It Work?

Jun 27, 2020

So I use my current work desktop for Civil 3D /Navisworks. I’m going to back to my office part time (post pandemic) so need to fire my old desktop back up. It is struggling a bit with the bigger models I am thinking to upgrade the graphics card to try and bring it up to speed with my work desktop.
I don’t really have much experience but I just had a go at taking the current graphics card in and out and it wasn’t that hard. Also, I don’t really mind if a break it, this upgrade is the last chance band aid before I have to buy a new one. Current specs are:

• HP Z400 Workstation
• X64 – based PC
• Intel Xeon W3520 @2.67 GHZ, 2661Mhz, 4 Cores
• RAM 24GB
• Nvidia Quadro NVS 295


So I am asking (very nicely :) ) specifically:
• How likely is it a Quadro K2200 for £60 from ebay would work in this old machine.
• Would it speed up my work or would something else (CPU for example) just hold it back anyway.
• Will a run into any installation complications, like connecting a power cable or something, or is it just in and out.
• Any thoughts on a more appropriate upgrade.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
You should go to the HP forum, and get in touch with BambiboomZ there. He's the expert on upgrading those.
If your Z400 has the 4 RAM slot MB it supports the old 45nm 4 core Nehalems. The 6 RAM slot board gets you into the 32nm 6 core X3600/5600 Xeons which are much better. Those CPUs don't have the AVX instruction set. If you need that then you need a newer computer.
That may not be the exact thread for you. But start your own thread and they will help you.
The only thing that costs more than doing it right the first time, is doing it right the 2nd time. Or for proffessional use doing it wrong at all.
BambiboomZ is not only a modder, but a workstation power user in real life. He can point you in the right direction.