Jan 9, 2013
hi guys
I started playing gta 4 on my hp 7039tx laptop with the following configuration
i7 3rd generation 2.3 GHz With Turbo Boost Upto 3.3 GHz
2*4 ddr3 ram
nvidia 2 gb 630m graphic card
1 TB 5400 rpm
it seems to struck in the middle some one please save me from this ***.
Stuck in the middle of what? Installation? Loading? A Mission? Does your laptop crash and need a restart or just the game.

GTA4 was (tragically because I love the franchise) an awfully-coded mess on the PC with loads of problems. If you installed from DVD, it may need patching, if it is from Steam, that should have been done already, but do check Games for Windows, I personally have had issues with GfW stopping playing GTA4 several times over the past few years.