GTA IV Problem


Sep 26, 2008
i have problem palying GTA IV smoothly
my previous system was:
C2D E7400 2.8Ghz 3MB Cache
Geforce 9400 GT 512 MB
2GB DDR2-667 Ram
400 watt PSU

i got 17 FPS average on very low settings

i changes graphic card to 9600 GT 1GB DDR2 256bit
and now i get 20 FPS average on very high settings
and 22 FPS on very low setting
ttingsther is no much difference
could be my ram or my board?
if i upgrade to another board that support DDR3 ram and pci-e 2.0, will it get better
or i need to upgrade somthing else
The reason you do not see much of a performance gain is due to the 9600GT... If you would have upgraded to a 9800GTX or ATI equivalent you would see more of a performance gain. Your ram is also low for such a game, 2 more gigs will help with the overall performance.

My suggestion would be to try and get a better video card and some more ram and you should be fine.



The fact that the FPS difference between very high and very low settings is so small makes me think there could be a bottleneck elsewhere. GTA IV is a very CPU intensive game that scales a lot when adding more CPU cores for example.


Zenthars on the right track even though there was a "big" improvement in frames. To go from 17 to 22 means he added 5 more FPS on average. This is roughly 1/3 more frames then he used to get, so its an increase of around 33%. 5 frames might not sound like much, but 33% more is a big deal.

Without knowing the resolution your using I'm not 100% certain. I do know that GTA4 loves cores. The more the better. Its one of those games that make C2D users wish they had a quad, or at least one of those tripples from AMD. How do you feel about overclocking the CPU, at least for a bit?


Your card should be fine for that game.
CPU can also (at least ) play the game at lowest or medium.

The main thing(According to me) to upgrade is the amount of ram.
My friend told me that his PC's RAM usage went upto 5.2GB while he was Playing GTA4.

And is that 400W PSU generic or branded?

Also that game is buggy so get required patches.



they are both mainstream at the time of release. an overlock 9600gt can match a stock 8800gt.

the problem with the TS's "upgrade" was that he got a 9600gt "ddr2" which is hardly an upgrade from a 9400gt.
His C2D is enough to play the game at playable frames, his GPU and lack of RAM is what is holding him back. I can play fine with my dual core CPU as long as I lower the settings. Of course the best option would be to upgrade his CPU but I do not know if the OP's board supports quads. And we do not know what the OP's budget is....