GTX 1050TI not working on Windows 7 with Code 43


Nov 24, 2012
I bought a Zotac GTX 1050TI 4gb - it arrived today
Firstly, I set about removing my old graphics card driver and installed the Zotac. My computer booted up fine at first, so I installed the necessary drivers direct from NVIDA website and then, on the next boot, the Windows logo came up then "No signal" was displayed, which led me to go onto Safe Mode to check everything was ok, which it was, so I uninstalled the drivers again via DDU and Driver Manager and proceeded to reinstall on normal mode, but the same thing happened. So, I took out one RAM module, and the computer loaded fully, albeit with 4gb of RAM of course. But, the Code 43 error came up on Driver Manager, meaning I still could not access the full potential of the device, so I uninstalled again via the aforementioned steps but to no avail. I have put back in the 2nd memory module, but it fails to pass the Windows logo again, so now I am unsure whether a. My motherboard is unable to support the device as it is a 2010 motherboard (ASROCK M3A UCC), and, previously, when I tried to install a RX 470, the computer would not boot with that either - so maybe the motherboard needs replacing? OR b. One of my RAM modules is bad, but I have ran memtest on both with both turning out fine, and I have alternated between them running singularly and both run fine with just one in at a time, but soon as I put in both it will not pass the logo stage OR c. the GTX is faulty, hence the errors, but I am unsure whether this is the case as a similar thing has occurred to two RX 470s

Currently, I am trying to obtain a second motherboard with an i5 in, but I cannot promise this will happen, thus I am, at the moment, stuck with a pretty much useless computer as, although I can access the computer fine with just one RAM stick in and with the basic VGA drivers running, it obviously is not the best solution, so I am perplexed at how to solve this.

Please advise.

Thank you.


Corsair VS650
AMD Phenom II 1050T X6 2.8ghz
Kingston DDR3 4gb x2
Crucial MX SSD

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