[SOLVED] GTX 1070, smoke from power connector with no power attached ?


Aug 16, 2014
Hi guys,

A bit of backstory before the problem, my friend PC haven't been used since Jan 2020 and as I need to leave my old PC in my parent's home, he suggested to me to just use his PC.
When i start booting it up, it can run okay until Windows login screen which then suddenly turned off and can't be turned on again. Checked with my local PC service, the PSU is the problem, maybe because its already one year unused and collecting dust?

fast forward to end of last month, I decide to buy a new PSU, corsair hx750, to replace his broken one. System run fine, play some games, most notably Far Cry 5 and Valorant, until yesterday when it suddenly turned off again and can't be turned on. Checking again with local PC service, they tried to remove the parts one by one to test the PSU, and when they try to use their GPU, it suddenly runs fine with no problem. conclusion is that the GTX 1070 is the root cause of the problem, and then they tried to boot the PC with everything connected to power except the GPU, and suddenly smokes came out from the power connector slot of the GPU. they said that there is probably a shorted part inside the GPU and there is nothing can be done except replacing it.

My hardware technical skill is quite limited, but in my mind, as the smoke is coming from the power connector, is there any chance that if I brought the GPU to service center and ask to replace the power connector, will it solve the problem?

Any insight or help is greatly appreciated.

System :
mobo : z370 plus tuf gaming
cpu : i7-8700
gpu : asus gtx 1070
psu : corsair hx750
ram : 2x8 corsair vengeance ddr4
storage : samsung 850 evo 250gb and hdd 2tb