Question GTX 1080 vs 3DFX Voodoo comparison

That is really hard to quantify. The capabilities of the cards from a technical aspect are so vastly different that I'm not sure an accurate comparison can even be drawn. The nearest comparison might be in pixel rate per second, but that is kinda imperfect because both cards report slightly different on what they mean by the measurement.

For pixel fill rate the Voodoo 2 was capable of 90 million pixels per second... The 1080 is capable of 130.2 gigapixels per second.

I don't think there is any other meaningful way of comparing the two... I mean, they ran different APIs at vastly different resolutions, running vastly different games and programs. The Voodoo 2 can't even be considered a GPU. It is an add in 3D accelerator that requires a 2D graphics card like a PCI Trident VGA card.

Sorry to say that is the best I've got.

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