GTX 260 PSU question


Well, I would get the 750TX instead, but the Corsair would be a much better choice, and isn't much more then one you were going to get. It runs mine perfectly. Also maybe you could get the MSI one and the EVGA or something like that, for the graphics cards. Then you can get Terminator Salvation and COD5 for free ;)

That way you get Terminator Salvation, Cod 5, and FarCry2, plus they are both core216, which are better and take up less power. That is granted you don't care about brand name.

And here is the power supply


What resolution are you going to be playing at? It might be better to get a better single GPU then go with the 260's for SLI, since with SLI you will be taking up more Watts, which probably isn't something you want to do with a low end PSU. SLI is probably only go to help if you play in large resolutions like 1920x1200. If you are playing in 1280x1024 you can get a 275 or 4850 or something simliar to that and save yourself a lot of cash.

With PSU its true its usually about how much watts it has, but I would much rather have a high quality 650W PSU then a low quality 800W PSU. The worst thing you can do is fry all your parts becuase the PSU wasn't very reliable.


Apr 1, 2009
Based upon the consumer reviews, I would stay away from that HEC psu. I don't know too much about them. I would go with a name brand - Corsair, PC Power & Supply or Cooler Master. Thermaltake and Antec are good too, but you'll spend a little more.

Keep in mind that those cards you picked out are all OC versions. A friend of mine picked up the MSI 260 OCv1 and he had a Logisys 650w psu and it would not support it.

They say a 750w should handle it. I myself have a 750w PCP&S psu running 2 4870s 1 GB which are near the same in performance as your cards. However, I would recommend going up to the 850w if you can afford. I know those MSI video cards are demanding power wise.

Here is mine:

Note that is only has a single rail, as opposed to the HEC which has 4 rails, which may explain why some people are having problems with if they do not balance out the workload over all 4 rails.

I always prefer a single rail psu over multiples.

For the money, that Corsiar 850w is probably the best deal. Otherwise, sell your HEC, or go with 1 card, preferably a factory standard one, and then add a second if it works ok with one.

Not a fan of HEC, but it is Crossfire certified for the ATI 4890, it shouldn't have a problem with SLI GTX260.


Jul 14, 2009