Gtx 275 sli VS ATI 4890 crossfire


Aug 15, 2009
Yeah i heard about the 4990 X2 coming out but I'm not sure when its gonna come out.
I'm probably gonna hold off on the Direct X 11 cards as I'm not sure about the price and i have around a 450-500$ budget on graphics for the comp I'm in the process of building.



Apr 8, 2009
I also heard about the 4890 X2 but i dont think that its going to happen, seeing that in the time the 4890 x2 is out, AMD will have much better performing cards so a single 5890 could potentially be better than a 4890 x2. if it was gonna happen, it would have already.

I would not worry about DX11. It will be some time before you need it. Game companies will not sell very many games that require a DX11 card to run well. If you want to buy now, consider a XFX or EVGA card. They offer a 90 day trade-up program which applies your current purchase price to a better card. A GTX275 would be a good choice.


Jun 18, 2009

The 4890 x2 will still likely beat the low in 5 series cards and if not then it will be the new low end budget card. I am pretty sure ATI already confirmed one was coming out and there is no reason not to release one at a low price point as it will be a 'high powered cheap alternative' to the 5XXX. Get two of those in quad fire and you have a rig that would likely beat any of the 5XXX until their x2 cards come out which likely won't be at first.

Anyways I would suggest you go with the CF 4890's. They likely are more powerful with the new drivers.