GTX 550 Ti in a Dell XP 410


Jul 3, 2009
Hello, I have a Dell XPS with a 375W power supply. I currently have a 256mb 7900GS and wish to upgrade to an Asus GTX 550 Ti DirectCu, will this work?



My other specs are:

8GB Ram
2 x 250GB Raid hdd
Creative Soundblaster
Blueray rewriter
DVD rewriter



Aug 26, 2009

I myself have a Dell XPS 420 that's now redundant since I built my own system (see sig below) but I replaced the stock PSU (375W I think) and the 8800 GT with a quality 750W PSU and GTX 460 (the 460 is large with its Gigabyte cooling solution).

at first I was unsure whether the card would fit alongside the Dell CPU cooler, it did though - just about

looking at this review it would suggest the power draw of your current card at load is 144W, whilst the 550ti will likely draw more, see this review...

you need to bear in mind the reviews are seperate reviews - I have not looked at the different testing methodology / system setups

it will be a close run thing as they suggest you need 400W or greater for both cards (GTS 450 / 550ti), but I've always read that Dell's PSU are solid and usually more powerful than the stated wattage (375W)

be sure your card will fit - are there any cards next to your current GPU? the new cards cooling solution will be larger as will the overall dimensions of the card

keep us updated


edit: my old card, i think was 8800 GT (i still have it - but cant see the model number on the outside of the unit) and it ran fine with the 375W PSU, see this link to compare my old card and your (potential) new card...

it will be close, I'd suggest YES having read so much about the quality of Dell PSU.

you could try - I dont think you can damage the card by underpowering it (please ask this as a specific question here though as I am no authority), if it aint got enough juice then get a a bigger PSU (example Just be sure the PSU will work with all the gear you have in the XPS 410.