Gtx 580 game crashing


Sep 23, 2011

straight to the point.

all my games are crashing, im using asus gtx 580 direct cuii and corsair ax850 psu. rig is fairly new.

playing fear 3 and metro 2033, both game crashing - blackscreen and or sometimes just minimize itself - on low video settings worst when playing on high video settings.

one more thing, when i amp up the volt in my gpu the low video setting is working fine but still crash when on high settings.

please in need help.
Memtest86, Prime95 are 2 good ones to test memory and processor. Once you see if those are stable for say 8 hrs without errors you then look into maybe a hard drive issue or driver issue. Now some people say you should be able to find out if there is errors in less time then running for that long. I just like to be 100% sure before I move on to other testing.

In my personal systems I make sure they run stable for 24 hrs before I move on being they run 24/7.