Question hackers through VPN?


Nov 28, 2014
I am using ExpressVPN and occasionally I get attempts to hack into certain accounts such as Steam, Youtube, Yahoo, Origin. Luckily all of these/ are Two fact authentication.

I am using Malwarebytes for protection and ran plenty of scans but found nothing.

Could it be when I use certain sites, there is certain virus/hackers getting into my computer?
VPN is actually somewhat less prone to be hacked.

If you look at your network without VPN someone in theory at least could attack your router and somehow get past the NAT and attack your internal machines. Highly unlikely to find a bug like that. You could have misconfigured your router I suppose.

When you run a VPN you now have another layer of NAT. In this case you are sharing a IP between many users not just you machines. It makes it much harder for someone to target you. In addition since there is no port forwarding or DMZ type things to misconfigure it reduces that. In addition VPN provider have large firewalls to protect against attacks even if someone were to try.

Almost all modern attacks are against the weakest link in the chain.......the user. They try to trick you into opening something you should not. The virus software and malware software to a point can protect you but they can only do so much. It is common for people to run VPN so they can run their illegal torrent activities. You take huge risks running software like this and it is very common for hackers to try to take advantage. Most things like malware protection can not prevent these type of attacks.

VPN is not itself insecure more people do more stuff they really should not when they have a vpn up. You still need to avoid sites that are malicious.