Question Hard disk boot problem

Dec 27, 2020
i have installed one SSD and 1TB Hard disk SATA in hp z600 workstation.
SSD is dedicated to windows and softwares.
When i connect SSD into upper port of two ports (which are without cables) and connect my other HD to lower port then second Hard disk not detected. When I have connected it with cables from motherboard its detected and worked fine. I want to work it with those 2 ports which are cable-less(direct push into ports).
What to do in setup? any help will be aprriciateable.


I think the problem may not be in "setup".

I think the problem may be in the connection at the port.

I think there's a good chance that with the cable you are getting a good connection and when you push the drive in you aren't getting a good connection.
I agree that it may not be pushed in and mated properly. Also, the 'cable less' ports actually have cables that plug into ports, and you could change the port to the one that works in case a port went bad for some reason.