Question Has anyone gone from a really crap (integrated graphics) laptop to a powerful gaming pc?

Can you game on high settings with a constant 60fps?

  • No way near

  • Almost

  • YES. But at like 300fps

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Jul 20, 2019
Has anyone gone from a really crap integrated graphics (or just bad) laptop to a powerful gaming pc?

If you have, what was your experience? Were you thrilled about the things you didn't know you were missing out on? Was it weird getting above 60fps on high settings instead of 30fps on low?

Are you someone who already has the luxury of a gaming pc? how do you feel about people like me who are used to sub 40 fps?

I'm still someone who appreciates 30-50fps on low because I've never gamed on a proper pc. I'm used to what I have and I'm actually scared that once I get a gaming pc I'll forgot about the times (now) I get below average fps because I still have great memories of gaming despite the fps. I'm excited to build a gaming but its weird knowing that I will actually be able to play games on high settings.

It probably sounds like this is a sob story and that I'm crying about my crappy laptop, but in reality I'm happy about what I have and I hope that my current memories of this laptop never die.

sorry for any cringe caused in the process of reading :spamafote:


Nov 23, 2017
I've actually went through this 2 years ago, i had been gaming on a laptop with an integrated graphics card, to a custom 1080p build and it's night and day!! First... games run so more smoothly at a higher fps avg and higher graphics settings. I did enjoy the laptop because I could play play anywhere... But it's got its limit! And don't get me started on overheating.. Haha
You're hesitant to upgrade because you enjoy sub-par performance?....

As someone that has a slightly underspec gaming PC myself. I do encourage people to not put so much emphasis on playing any/every game at ULTRA/MAX/OMG/FTW settings and having to spend every last dime in their bank account to do so. Be realistic with your financial situation and weigh the benefits of spending hundreds more on higher end hardware against your actual play time.

As you've said, games can be fun regardless of visuals. Don't get me wrong though, that's not to say that great visuals/performance can make games better.

Make no mistake, a proper gaming PC and monitor will be a night and day difference from what you're currently using.

Are you looking for component advice? If so, what country are you shopping in and what's your budget? Do you need EVERYTHING (aka, all you have now is a laptop and mouse)? Do you want a pre-built machine or are you going to put the components together yourself? Do you have any size preferences for the tower? Are you looking for a desktop, or a gaming laptop?