Question Having Erratic Shutdown and Power on Issues with Computer

Nov 28, 2022

I have an older computer, that has been having problems with erratic power behavior.

The computer shutdown on its own once while I was playing Roblox, another while I was using xbox voice chat. And then an incident occured where when I pushed the power button after putting the computer to sleep, and it would try to turn of but immediately shut down, and would do so until I manually unplugged and reconnected the power cable, which fixed it.

I troubleshooted the thermals, and the computer is running around 40 C, so that wasn't it. And I tested the PSU and the voltages read all as fine as far as I'm concerned, though I did read it is still possible for a PSU to be faulty despite giving out good voltages.

Both the motherboard and the PSU were put in around 2014 or 2015, and have never been replaced. I read online that spontaneous shutdowns can be also caused by motherboard faults. I would like to be sure of which part is malfunctioning though, if i do decide to replace a part, as I'm a bit short on cash, and I only have the money to buy one or the other as of now. So is there any way I can weed out which one is malfunctioning? And are there any other simple causes I could troubleshoot before having to buy parts? Any help is appreciated!
Nov 28, 2022

Motherboard: msi z97 pc mate
CPU: intel pentium g3258
RAM: 12GB of DDR3 RAM, 2x AMD Radeon Memory DDR3 1866 MHz, and 2x Avant DDR3 1333 MHz.
PSU: EVGA 600 Bronze Power Supply P/N 100 - B1 - 0600
GPU: Nvidia Quadro K2000

I got the computer from a family members business, and the family member never told me the origins of the computer, so I don't know the origins of the PSU. I'm going to assume that the PSU was the original, when the PC was built, but again, im not sure.


Random reboots or shutdowns are mostly caused by 2 issues:
  1. CPU/GPU overheats and to prevent any damage, system shuts down.
  2. PSU fails to deliver enough power to the GPU or fails to keep smooth enough voltage for PC's operation.
First check your CPU/GPU temps, both at idle and under load. If temps are within reason then it's safe to assume that it's the PSU who is acting up.

Also, your EVGA B1 PSU is both low quality PSU (when it was brand new) and at current date, is way past it's due date. It came with 3 years of warranty while unit itself is at least 8 years old, as of now.

So, 1st thing i'd replace (after making sure temps are good), is PSU. Since this, most likely, fixes your issue or random restarts.

For good quality PSU to go for, look towards either Seasonic Focus GX or Corsair RM/RMx/RMi series PSUs, in 550W range.

Today, 650W PSUs can be cheaper than their 550W counterparts. So, when 650W is cheaper, better to get that one instead. It gives more wattage headroom and allows for beefier GPU upgrade in the future.

I was playing Roblox
Your Quadro, while great at everything else, fares poorly in gaming. Due to that, for games, we have Nvidia GeForce/AMD Radeon GPUs, that are designed and built for gaming. While Nvidia Quadro/AMD FirePro (Radeon Pro) are built for workstation use.

So, besides you having poor PSU, your Quadro can also hinder gaming performance. Though, looking PC specs overall, it is actually quite good business PC, but poor gaming PC (weak CPU, GPU not designed for gaming to name the few).