HD 5450 or GT 220


Aug 25, 2011
which one is good for my system and am a casual gamer{left 4 dead,COD,resident evil}

Intel Pentium Dual E2180 @2.00Ghz
PSU :350 watt
just one to play smoothly
Are you sure you can't spend a bit more ? I'd get atleast an HD 5570, HD 5450 aren't meant for gaming, well neither is a 5570, but it's a good one for playing games that you've mentioned.
GTS 250 falls under the mainstream section, so that will cost you more.

At what resolution are you thinking of playing these games ?
Of the two the GeForce GT 220 is a more powerful card. See following review for some benchmarks. Note that the test rig uses an Intel Core i7 920 CPU @ 3.8GHz which is much more powerful than your CPU. Your frame rates would be lower.


You most likely need to play games with low or medium graphics quality depending on which game you play and the resolution you play at for "smooth gameplay".