Question Hdd died, need a reliable one and some advice

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Nov 17, 2019
It's a considerably worse tier list. Just from a quick glance, you can see some particularly egregious things, such as rating the old green Corsair CX PSUs as equivalent to the newer CXs and saying the ACRF FSP-made EVGA PSUs are equivalent to the ones that Seasonic and Super Flower made.
which one are u referring to


😨😭 How do find the cheap and best one then
If I may speak frankly, a psu is an investment. A good psu can last 7-10 years no problem, and usually with a warrenty to back that up.
Seasonic and corsair are what I am partial to, with seasonic, the focus g line is very solid for it's price, and for corsair, either the RMx, RMi or TXm series are all solid options. Your system does not need lots of wattage, but if I were you, I'd get a bit of headroom for future upgrades.
Say, 650watts instead of the 550 (or to be honest even 450) you actually need.
I bought my system 3 years ago, with a gtx 1080 and i7 8700k, meaning about 650 or so watts would be more than enough, but I got a 850 watt psu.
Now, 3 years later, psu is still going strong, and the next series of gpus is rumoured to be up to 600 watts IN A SINGLE CARD.