HDD does not show up ANYWHERE despite showing up in bios


Mar 4, 2015
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Ok So I have a "Seagate Barracuda 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive" with 3 partitions on it.

I was on windows 8.1, however today I did a clean install of windows 10. However the hdd is now showing up. Something that may have spiced up the update is I switched from MBR to GPT.

Like when you are in bios you can see it plugged it, but windows 10 does not acknowledge its existence! Not in device manager, not in partition manager, not in command prompt diskpart... all that shows is my disk drive and SSD that windows is installed on.

I have ran the "hardware and devices troubleshooter" many times and all it says is something about "base system driver" and I keep applying that, but it doesn't do anything and just asks to do it over and over again. That likely has nothing to do with this.

Just for fun I pulled out my hdd to usb connector and plugged it into my computer, and it still did not show up, however partition manager finally acknowledged its existence, now I have "Drive 1 No media".

Another thing, I went on MS support chat and they suggested that many people were having trouble with there Seagate HDD's and windows 10 which I find hard to believe considering how long windows 10 beta, and release has been out. However I can't really find a driver anywhere for it either.

Any chance I will get my HDD back? If not what is the best way to try and re-sell it after copying its contents onto a new drive?


Nov 17, 2013
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got a Win7 or Win8.1 machine to try it on? use the free trial of MiniTool's Power Data Recovery to see if it can access any of the partitions. i used it (paid version) to recover 2TB of photos, music, etc from a drive that got turned RAW and then showed 23 partitions.


Jan 28, 2010
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Hi Cubby,
Need some more information to figure out what happened. When you did a "clean install" of Win-10, was that on a new Uninitiated SSD, and did you do a custom install or express install. Also how did you convert the Basic drive and the MBR to a Dynamic drive and GPT? Can tell in Disk Management and by the color bar above the Volume Status indicator.
Importantly, if you installed Win-10 of a new SSD, was the Seagate also connected to the Motherboard as a secondary but Active drive or disconnected and put aside during installation.
Using Diskpart, or your Partition Manager, see if you have 4 partitions - 450MB Win-RE, an ESP 100MG, a MSR partition, and your OS partition on the Drive you installed Win-10 on. The ESP and MSR can be hidden in Disk Management.

Where Removable Drives can occasionally show a Disk Status of "No Media" that status is almost always from a DVD Drive disclosing "No Media" (No disk inside), rather than your Disk in question.

Also double check in disk management, with the Seagate connected to a known good Sata connector on the MB and not set as First in Boot Order, to see if it is in the lower graphical section, possible with a Disk Status of Unknown, or Not Initiated. The Disk Status and Volume Status are different, so even if the partitions, or new LDM GPT partition were corrupted, the Disk should show up with some status.