Question HDD noise when loading any program in SSD system

Aug 5, 2019
Hey guys, I'm from Lima, Peru and I'm new here in the forum! I'm happy to join this place. I want to ask you guys about something that's happening to my PC.

First of all my pc specs are:

Intel Core i5 9400F
Asus B360M-A
Samsung SSD 840Evo 250GB (C Unit)
Seagate Barracuda HDD 1TB (6 years old, Sata 2 I believe) (D Unit)
Asus RX470
Seasonic Focus 650W gold

I have Windows 10 installed, and I noticed a thing..., whenever I try to open any program or app, for example Spotify, Netflix, and the browser (Firefox in my case) I hear the typical loading noise from the HDD (trac tac tac tac... ) and I saw in task manager that my HDD usage is a bit high, sometimes it can reach up to 70 or 80%, and then falls to 30-40%, of course if I do nothing HDD usage falls to 5% or even less (no noise of course). It's like Windows is installed in the HDD, but of course is not.
It's strange because my SSD usage is always low, always below 10% usage.

Screenshot here, showing my HDD usage.

Another screenshot, showing HDD health with Crystaldisk

One thing to note is that I have the "Users" Folder in my HDD, that's the way the tech guy installed Windows and he told me it was better because if something happened to the SSD my profile would be backed up.

What do you think could be problem? Maybe that "Users" Folder in my HDD instead of being in SSD as typical? or that has nothing to do with it?

P.S. Sure I'm planning to buy another HDD (2TB maybe) or a new SSD (keeping my Samsung Evo for the S.O.)

Finally, sorry if I made some mistakes, english is not my first language but I'm trying my best :)
Thanks in advance.


"Maybe that "Users" Folder in my HDD instead of being in SSD as typical? "
I think you may be on to something here.
Because....I'm looking in my users folder and there are lots of files that have been changed today.
There is also a folder called something like Appdata.....that I assume the apps use.
I think this may be the problem.
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Mar 16, 2013
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Aug 5, 2019
Ohhhh thanks guys. I see. So that's the problem. Oh, and let's suppose that my SSD (O.S.) dies, I believe that's not big deal because all my important data is stored in my HDD, right? Ok I'm going to fire this "tech guy":sneaky:
Makes sense that "Appdata" thing, because like @jay32267 said, I believe apps use it.

Ok so is there a way to fix this without reinstalling Windows? if no, I'll wait a couple of months and then reinstall it but this time with the User folder in the right place (SSD) , oh and of course, without this "tech guy" :ROFLMAO:

I believe I can change the location of the "Appdata" folder in HDD and move it to the SSD?
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