Question HDD unresponsive, can't even format


May 8, 2016
So I was moving some files from my SD card to my HDD, and accidentally unplugged the charger from my laptop (the battery's busted lol). I left the files to copy for like 1-2 hours but I'm not sure if it was completed since the laptop died. After opening it again for some reason I suddenly can't access my HDD. It's detected but doesn't show the size or the free space, just the icon and the name. When I try to open "This PC" to see all my drives, the quick access loads (the green one at the top) but never finishes, just stuck at like 98% of the bar. That's the same thing that happens when I try to click the HDD. Same result when I tried to use different computers. I tried to do chkdsk, but it never works because after I enter the command it never does anything, just space. I downloaded EaseUS partition master to try to check since chkdsk wasn't working, but the program doesn't load when my HDD is connected. I tried opening the program without the HDD, and it works fine. I connected it again and suddenly it gets stuck on the load screen again. I figured I'd just format the drive, but even I can't do that because when I try to click format it doesn't respond lol. I click properties and nothing also pops up. I went to "create and format hard disk partitions" in the control panel but nothing shows up in disk management, just stuck on "loading disk configuration information". I can't eject it too so all I do is shut down my pc, but even that it gets stuck on the shutting down screen, so I have to physically do it with the power down button. All I wanted to do was copy some videos and photos but now I can't even format my hard drive 😭 any suggestions?


See if all the space at least shows as unallocated space in Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management...

As long as you do not need to recover the data, and it was not damaged, perhaps it can at least be quick formatted there. (Even after the quick format, Recuva might be able to recover any needed files remaining in the rubble, as I've used it to recover many thousands of photos after some folks have accidentally quick formatted an internal drive; just have a blank internal or external drive of sufficient space remaining for recovered files to be stored /saved to)