Question Hdmi switch doesn't work when using Hdmi angled adapters, but both work fine separately?

Jul 12, 2021
I am trying to troubleshoot a confusing issue. I am using this hdmi switch to switch between a monitor and a tv to display my computer. On it's own, the switch works completely fine. (4k 60hz).

I purchased 3 up angle Hdmi adapters to have a clean desk set up with the switch sitting at the end of my desk. As soon as I use the Hdmi adapters, the image glitches and I get the green lines and the picture flickers in and out.

However, if I go direct from the PC to the monitor using the adapters, the picture is completely fine. I am very confused by this discrepancy and could use help trying to get to the bottom of it. I don't understand why the switch and the adapters would work fine separately, but do not work together.


Make and models of the panels you're working with? If you have two displays, why don't you tether them as is(respectively) to your discrete(assuming you have one) card? I had a similar issue with an HDMI driven Asus monitor that refused to work with the Asus Maximum VII Gene's onboard display ports while on the i7-4770K's iGPU. The panel was fine when you plugged the 7600GS but the panel didn't like the Asus motherboard's HMDI port.

Considering you have a TV, you can turn off the panel when not in use.