Apr 7, 2012
I have a corsair vengeance k60 keyboard

A logitech g9x mouse

I need a mouse pad and a headset

was thinking

Corsair vengeance 1500 or razer black shark( I have skullcandy aviators will these be better?)

For mouse pad I am thinking a razer scarab(for fps gaming)
the 1500 is an ok headset. well built with some nice features... sounds great for gaming also... so yes. skullcany are garbage of the highest order... when you get a replacement, take them outside and smash em up burn whats left...
dont bother with high end mouce mats there no better than plastic laminate...
get an exact mat its a lot cheaper and works better...
i have the razer destructor mat and razer mice just dont glide on it... in fact my lachesis hated it, but my rat contagion loves it... (different feet material)
I have the 1500s, they sure do sound/feel a lot better than my 30 dollar pair of plantronic gamecoms. I noticed almost immediately when I got them that when I had my old pair I was always aware of having a headset on, with these its like you are listening to a very good pair of speakers (I guess that can be attributed to the comfort and pretty decent software surround sound..)

I can't attest to how well they do with music as I don't listen to it but the base is a bit lacking. But then that might just be me being the kind of guy who likes to feel grenades instead of hear them (with a sub)

Edit: I got them on sale for about 50 bucks... Not sure if I would pay the full 80 dollar price for them though. but for 50 they are quite nice.


Check the Roccat Kave headset. True 5.1 sound, not some 7.1 emulated BS on 2 speakers. For fps gaming it's like wallhack.

As for gaming pad, I have razer destructor hard mat (looks similar to scarab, not sure if the coating is the same, though). It provides a very good mouse glide, you can move the mouse just by lightly blowing on it. Only downside is that it eats the mousefeet very quickly.
"Check the Roccat Kave headset. True 5.1 sound, not some 7.1 emulated BS on 2 speakers. For fps gaming it's like wallhack."

Do you have proof that physical surround sound on smaller speakers sounds better than 2 larger drivers with "simulated" surround? For me personally with my eyes closed someone shooting a gun semi far away from me I am on target a lot of the time.

Before calling it BS I would like to see some proof.
just bought Corsair vengeance 1500

pretty good for gaming and movies

not too bad for music either though not as good as my old sennheisers for music but better for gaming

as for a mouse mat i use a 12 inch by 12 inch linoleum floor tile

after 6 years its still not showing any sign of wear and works better than any mouse mat i tried

nice and easy to clean as well with a bit of furniture polish



It would be difficult to see any proof, but I guess you could hear it.

In past 15 years I owned many headsets designed for gaming, including ones with normal stereo sound, emulated 5.1, 7.1 and real 5.1 from logitech, steelseries, plantronics, razer, cm storm, roccat and some older ones I don't even remember what make they were.
Believe me or not, sound positioning in older razer barracuda or new cm sirius (great headset by the way) is way better than in SS 7H or plantronics 777. Roccat kave sound I like even better, more precise than barracuda, same quality as sirius, not as comfortable for long sessions, though.