Question Hearing a strange buzzing noise

Feb 21, 2023

My recently built pc is making a strange buzzing/rattling noise. It sounds like it could be coming from the outer CPU cooler fan, the RAM which lies right underneath it, or possibly even the motherboard itself - I honestly can't really tell though. Could anyone possibly shed some light on what may be the issue? I'd really appreciate it.

CPU Cooler: DeepCool AK620
RAM: Neo Forza Trinity DDR5 6400 32gb
Mobo: Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX


I could not really hear all that much.

Possibly some vibration created by resonance.

Key is locate the source.

Use a cardboard tube or rolled up sheet of paper to carefully listen around inside of the case to pinpoint the location. Hold one end of the tube to your ear and aim the other head toward where the sound appears to be located.

Power down, unplug.

Clean out dust and debris. In the video the cooling holes at the top appear quite dusty.

Check for debris in the fan blades. Maybe even a damaged blade (cracked, misshaped) that starts tapping the case at certain RPMs or airflow conditions.

Then verify by sight and feel that all cards, connectors, RAM, jumpers, and case connections are fully and firmly in place.

Look for loose or missing screws. Look for loose cables that could be vibrating and hitting something. Sagging GPU.

Anything out of place and free to move a bit.