Help! Analog Power Saving Mode!?


Jun 28, 2011
Not sure if this is the right area, I'm deeply sorry if it is not.

I have build a computer for my sis about a month ago, But now she says that her monitor isn't working anymore. And its NOT one of the standard solutions.

Problem :
The computer boots, and you can even hear the sound when windows is started up. But the monitor says "Analog power saving mode" and does not show anything at all. The monitor goes to "analog power saving mode" straight from the boot and does not show the BIOS or anything.

Story :
After her computer was on for a few hours doing nothing, the computer was on standby mode, she used her mouse and keyboard and then pressed the power button. The computer turned on just to turn off again (???). She tried to cancel it from powering off by clicking cancel (???) but it did so anyway and when she turned it back on the computer did everything except showing anything on the screen. Thats her story which she changed a couple of times, take nothing for granted of it. Even the question wether or not her computer made any sound while she was lieing on her bed next to it is something she can't remember the answer too.

Additional Info :

-My computer on her monitor made her monitor work.
-Her computer on my monitor made my monitor go into "analog power saving mode"

-Her music boxes play the short music when Windows starts up.
-After I knew windows started I managed to play some of her music with the search engine by pressing certain key combination... The music played fine.

-I have tried repositioning her video card into a different slot, didn't work.
-All fans except the power supply fan (which never turned) are turning, including the two on the video card.

-She has a graphics card of the XFX HD Radeon 6000 series.

Thanks for the help in advance guys, you guys are good people. From what I know it sounds like its the graphics card, but that doesn't match with her story.


Aug 28, 2011
dude i have the exact same problem,

i tried to change my video card, bought a somewhat expensive one, didn't work.
i managed to put my video settings in bios from pci to onboard. that worked, but i'm still not satisfied, i'd like my com to run on that video card i bought still haven't found a solution for that, anyone a suggestion?