Help building my very first PC ever


Jan 21, 2015
Hey everyone,
I am planning on building my first ever desktop computer. ( So excited :) :) )

PC Build

- Budget: 1000 CHF (swiss francs)
- Zip Code or Location: Switzerland
- Specific Use: Gaming
- Any preferred components?: Here is a list of a few parts I found:
- Any spare parts you can re-use?: No
- Overclocking your processor?: sure, why not
- Need an Operating System?: yes
- Need a Monitor? / Mouse? / Keyboard?: monitor and keyboard
- Need a Wireless Card or Adapter?: if mobo has wireless is cool, otherwise yes need a wireless card
- Need Another Component? (Specify): Think i'm good for the moment

Other Useful Info

- Preferred Case Features (Ex: Color, Side Window, Flashy): any color really as long as it looks cool, would like a small form factor, side window would be nice as well, i would really like a case that looks good and doesn't break the bank, that is why I liked the Bitfenix Prodigy.
- Number of Monitors: 1 (want to have 2 in the future, if I can fit 2 in the budget I'm ok with that)
- Other Info?: Seems good to me :)

I plan on building this computer for gaming and running new games like far cry 4, assassins creed unity, shadow of mordor, etc... So something that is good for now but that can also last a little while in the future. I really want to get the best bang for my money.
Ideally, I want to run two monitors but for the moment I can only afford one ( or two if cheaper I don't know), so I want something that can support dual monitors for sure.
In my part list, I'm missing a power supply and a graphics card ( wasn't sure which ones to get).
Im upgrading and deciding to build a pc because now I have a laptop i bought 3 years ago that isn't very good for gaming anymore and is getting really slow and running games much worse than the start.
I'm open to changing and making anything better for sure, and appreciate any help I can get as this is my first time.
Thanks so much in advance guys, :p

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