Help configuring BIOS for best performance and security (Windows 10)

Oct 10, 2018
I have recently purchased a brand new HP 290 G1 MT and I need help to configure my BIOS settings. Surprisingly, my BIOS default settings does not meet Windows 10 security requirements as I have read. Anyway I have not noticed anything wrong when it comes to daily computing. I think my motherboard Intel H110 offers many options that might be useful but I won't ever mess with anything I know nothing about. Please help me configure my BIOS by suggesting what turn on and what to turn off. I have uploaded all the picutres of the BIOS settings to Mega.

Thank you in advance

First thing is to ensure BIOS is in UEFI mode and NOT in Compatibility Support Mode, or CSM, or Legacy Mode. Then you can start up in Secure Boot mode. From the pictures it looks like you are in Secure Boot mode so that appears good.

Additional security may require a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) to enable. Generally, those are only important (or even useful) for enterprise computers operating in a secure networked environment. If you needed one, you'd have a network admin to assist you.

ADDED: One other thing: being an HP OEM build, your system is pretty well locked down already. Using the management utilities provided by HP just make sure it's completely up-to-date, especially BIOS. It's Intel-based and there are several security vulnerabilities identified lately and you'll probably want to be sure to keep up with the latest BIOS that will fix them.