Help! Fps and Ghz dropped drastically.


Jul 29, 2015
Hey guys, thanks in advance for everyone who replies and contribute to solving my problem! Note that this is also my first post because I am really desperate right now, Thanks! So to start things out, everything was going fine using my computer; normal fps, ghz at 3.8, and smooth gameplays. Now the next day I turn on my computer, BOOM, everything was slow. My fps dropped drastically along with my ghz. 200 fps in medium quality playing league to 50 fps on all low, and 3.8 ghz to .70. This had me wondering, "what in the world happpend?". I was shocked because I didn't know what caused it. I looked up some solutions and I've tried almost everything I was told to do and till this day, it's still the same. Any solutions you have, let me know! Thanks everyone.

Here are my parts :
Cpu: Intel core i7 4770k
gpu: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
Not sure what else I need to put right here.

Things I've tried:
Cleaned my pc (heatsink for gpu and cpu)
Blew the dust out of my entire PC
Checked for parked cpus
Updated my drivers
made sure temps weren't overheating (cpu and gpu are under 40c )
only had necessary tabs open
Scanned for virus check (There were a few but removed )
Refreshed my computer

I feel hopeless because I think I've done most of the troubleshoots for my problem but It's just not helping. If anyone has a suggestion, please reply below and thanks for helping.