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Question [Help]High CPU usage 6700k+stutter+more..

Jul 30, 2019

Problem - after yet another power outage my i7 6700k started to act weird.
Idle+google chrome = 10-15%usage(but when i open task manager it shows 30-45% for a few seconds then goes back to normal idk)
In games like path of exile - usage goes crazy 80-99%(before it was ~60%) and a lot of stutters if i try go chrome with game in background(windowed,fullscreen, i tried all same result)

On top of this when i tried witcher 3 my GPU gtx 1070 can't go full speed now at caps at ~70% usage giving 60-70fps instead of 80-90 like before.

Oh yeah and weird af flickering when i try to rename files(how is this related?idk - 15s video
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm8CgPIAlyg
when i typed "aaa.." it kept going for a few more letter after i stopped pressing it so stutter even here) + here is test footage from game with high cpu/low gpu usage
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-4mqNCKnas

So the problems are :
1)kinda high idle usage for a few seconds
2)crazy 99% usage+lags when in not much demanding game
3)GPU not going full speed(clocks are fine ~1850)
Overall i would say high cpu+low gpu usage, but its no way a bottleneck and was no issues before.

What i tried so far :
Multiple ram/disk/windows checks via sfc scannow etc - no errors. Full avast+malwarebytes checks - no viruses.
Updated gpu driver
Changed nvidia panel settings to max performance
Changed windows power/pci option to max performance
Checked PSU voltages, everything is fine. (and no, its not toasted after power outage, no smell from pc either)
CPU voltage 1.2+4000mhz

I have no idea what else to check, any tips appreciated
GPU usage (70%) is not a measure of it being able to 'go full speed...'

Unless you are playing at above 1440P at max quality and with a very powerful CPU (certainly more than you have), you are unlikely to ever approach 100% GPU usage.

I'd first check your clock speeds and temps (HWMonitor) under a full CPU load (CPU-Z/Bench/stress cpu, just to make sure we are nowhere near CPU throttle levels...

At some point, you'd likely want to full nuke and pave, to make sure you are not battling some obscure driver/OS glitch....
Jul 30, 2019
As my last resort i did this : wiped system with "restore - reset this pc" option(haven't touched files, just programs) And now idle is ~5-10%(with all necessary programs installed back) and in game 99% gpu usage(yes, u CAN and SHOULD have it fully loaded), CPU in game runs as 30-45% usage now btw, instead of 90-100.
IDK how power outage managed to fck it up in any way but this was best solution(wasted about 7hours of googling to come up to this)

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