Help Horrible Experience with Ebuyer


Jun 8, 2017
Hello to everyone
I apologise for a longwinded post as I’m not sure how to put it in fewer words

I'm new to this forum. I am posting in hope to getting some help from knowledgeable fellow forum members in regards an online retailer Ebuyer. I’ve purchased a monitor from them on September 19th 2017, which has developed a fault, an intermittent backlight issue. Not ips glow I contacted Ebuyer, on the first occasion the customer service adviser told me on the phone that there is nothing she can do as it's been over six months, I then went over to the returns and faulty policy which stated items faulty within the first year ebuyer will replace or repair,
I then gave them a second call and the standard customer service adviser said to me to contact the manufacturer directly as there's nothing they can do, I asked her to look into the policy, she said she knows the policy 100% and there is no need, I then asked to speak to a member of management who then told me that the return to manufacturer is only for business customers and with consumers they can return for a repair or replacement. He said he will email me from his personal email and for me to reply for him to start the RMA after providing a picture of the fault, after taking the picture I emailed him however in the picture the screen back light issue isn't fully apparent only when you look at it directly and the issue is intermittent. After waiting a while I received a postmaster reply saying this is a no-reply email address.

I then contacted the Ebuyer on several occasions only to be told the person I spoke to is not available and that they will call back as soon as possible. I then got a email from ebuyer management advising me not to contact the ebuyer rather contact the manufacturer directly.

so I tried to speak to a different technical advisor, the customer service keeps taking my number and telling that someone would contact me and no one has as of yet, and it’s been a while now. Then I’ve called up on several more occasions but it’s not getting anywhere.

A friend of mine bought the same monitor from Amazon, he had to have it replaced three times in under a year from Amazon who have excellent customer service, in the end he decided to go for a slightly more expensive model and his problem got resolved.

First of all, Ebuyer don’t seem to be concerned about after sales.
To think, for many years I have recommended this website to friends and family as they do have competitive pricing, never realising how they deal with faulty returns.

Ideally, I would like Ebuyer to accept this faulty return and I would like to pick a different model from their website so I don't experience same or other issue with this monitor line.
Or to offer me a refund minus the time it's been in my possession.

The monitor my friend purchased after having many issues with this monitor is also available on Ebuyer, just slightly more expensive than the one I have.
I am willing to pay the difference to get a better more reliable monitor.

Can someone please advise me on consumer rights, what rights do I have from the online retailer? What are my options?

In the meantime, I'll keep trying to contact the Ebuyer customer service over and over I will keep everyone updated on the final outcome and transcript of Ebuyer customer service email conversation.