Help Hp stream 11"

Alfie G

Mar 27, 2016
So like 2 days ago I spilt water on my Hp stream 11" on its keyboard, I opened the laptop up n let it to dry for like a day n a half n then today I switched it on and the keys don't work apart from the space bar, and when I press the keys that don't work The narrator says hidden. Anyone know how to sort this n why does the narrator say hidden:fou:
Let me start this off with a fun story. A few weeks ago I spilled beer on my keyboard. It was horrible. I ran the keyboard under water for 20 minutes trying to get rid of the beer. I let it dry for 2 days and plugged it in. It didn't work. I was ready to call it dead and shell out another $100 for a new one... but I decided to take it apart and see if it could be saved. It turns out that inside the keyboard water had made its way between the two sheets that make up the circuit for each key. It wasn't working because it was still wet. A key press would produce any random number of outcomes and my LED backlights were flickering and being crazy... all from a little bit of moisture still in it.

So, there is probably still moisture stuck in there. I'm not sure the best course of action for you. Laptop keyboards are irritating to take apart and more often than not you break something. So your best option might be a hair dryer to get that moisture to evaporate. If it is just water it will dry out eventually, but who knows how long it will take. It'd be a shame to replace the keyboard when in a week it will probably work just fine. What you need is warmth and air flow.

Let it dry out longer first/remove the keyboard to dry it better. It can easily take a week to just dry out.