Help? I cannot open some programs, uninstall and reinstall. error 0xc00007b (corrupted or missing ddl files)


Oct 16, 2015
I have an issue with my Windows 7 ROG X64 rampage

i don't know if it is due to a virus. I run a virus scan and it detected a threat, it somehow managed to resolved some of the threats but others got failed.
And then what happened was when i open a program shell dll error came up, i download a shell32dll file and save it. after that it disappeared but "0xc00007b" error came up messing the whole situation.

I tried searching tips online, needed to update dll file, .net framework, directx and visual c++ but it doesn't work since system doesn't allow me to run or install these files. I tried downloading all in one run time it doesn't install as well. I can't even install a security or malwarebytes after downloading from the website.

i ran sfc /scannow but it is only reaching 9% ,

I cannot boot the system to the "last system configuration" because it doesnt show up. i can only run safe mode via misconfig - (if only i can do this maybe it would help?)

i tried restoring the system but the latest time showing is when it happened. I also ran chkdsk but no problems detected.

i cannot reinstall or restart windows 7 - i don't know why and i don't have the installer as well i think this should be the last option to do a factory reset but the system doesn't let me do it.

any other methods that i could try? is it an issue with the 32 vs 64bit? but i can still open/play games that are installed on my D drive.
what i cannot do are the basic programs, like installing, uninstalling, check properties of some programs (for example right clicking my computer and click properties), cannot open some programs installed on the C drive like skype, or other browsers.

please help T____T