Question Help me choose a gaming laptop please ?


Sep 7, 2019
Hello everyone
I want to say first of all that I already have a desktop pc with a 3070.
Now I'm just looking for a gaming notebook to go with (but I won't play with it that much)
So I'll settle for a rtx 3060.
I have a maximum budget of 1600 dollars (I'm in Europe so it will be euros but that's okay).
So I was thinking: can I save money and get very good game quality, performance even management of important programs maybe not spending all 1600?
I'll explain: I found this acer on amazon:ÅM % C3% 85% C5% BD% C3% 95% C3% 91 & crid = 1YLX58WGJTZGJ & dchild = 1 & keywords = acer + rtx + 3060 & qid = 1626717526 & sprefix = acer + rtx% 2Caps% 2C206 & sr = 8-1

But the price of the acers always seems to be lower than the others, so is it bad quality? How are the acers?
In the end in this I would have a 3060, I would add the ram, and an i5 of excellent generation for photoshop and random games like cod or fortnite would be fine?
OTHERWISEÅMÅŽÕ % C3% 91 & crid = 15XRPJODPBPB0 & dchild = 1 & keywords = msi + thin + gf65 & qid = 1626717614 & sprefix = msi + th% 2Caps% 2C199 & sr = 8-1

The price is 1700, and it is msi

I need a GOOD LIFE (EVEN 3-4 YEARS) gaming notebook so what better brand would it be?
There would also be asus, hp (they always overheat a lot so no)

I accept any advice thank you very much


Hey there,

The Acer is a lot cheaper for a number of reasons.

CPU isn't as good, only 8gb ram, smaller ssd. The MSI is much stronger. Will last much longer in terms of futureproofing (I don't like that term much). Will be slightly stronger in more demanding games because of the extra 2 cores/4 threads on the CPU, specially online multiplayer. If you were choosing between the two, I'd go for the MSI. Price is key though. For the most part $1600 will get you something pretty decent and a capable gamer at the typical res for that price point 1080p 144hz. The MSI GP/GF range are all good.

Both brands are pretty good, with arguably MSI being better. Acer Nitro/Helios are generally good performers. Then so are MSI. Possibly producing better gaming laptops over a longer period.

There are other good brands/models. Razor Blade/Asus ROG series are both good too. I myself have a HP Omen 15. They have some decent models, and have come along way in terms of quality units.