Help me chose a monitor from this list to boost my productivity

May 27, 2018
I'm just finishing college and developing my career as a web dev. I want to boost my productivity so I want to jump (from my 21.5" 1080p TFT - E2250T) to a 1440p 27" monitor.

I will mostly use it for coding and web browsing (possibly light media editing in the future).

In my spare time I like to play fps games and I know that goes well with 144hz monitors with low input lag, but coming from a really old 60hz tft monitor, I just hope the new monitor will not be worse for gaming. If it is, no worries.

These is the list of 1440p 27" monitors available on my market and withing my budget range, what do you think?

  • ■ AOC Q2778VQE TFT 236 €
    ■ Lenovo L27q-10 IPS 298 €
    ■ BenQ GL2706PQ TFT 303 €
    ■ HP 1HR73AA IPS 384 €
    ■ BenQ PD2700Q IPS 414 €
    ■ Acer H277HU IPS 448 €
These may be possible to order, but i am not sure:

  • ■ BenQ GW2765HT IPS 387 €
    ■ AOC Q2790PQU IPS 426 €

My guess is that PD2700Q is best for it's price out of the list, I would like to hear your opinion
From that list, PCPartPicker had 4, so compare them:,dQ648d,yYbkcf,QF8j4D/

All are 60Hz
BenQ PD2700 is 12ms response
AOC Q2778 and BenQ are TN panel. Other two are IPS.

Ideally, you'll want IPS for viewing angles, very low response rate for gaming, and high refresh rate for FPS games.

Based on that criteria, and listing from 27" monitors available on sale, I found -,2710&H=90,240&T=1,8&p=1&sort=price&page=1&X=100,325149

So I recommend the Asus MG279Q, but I appreciate your budget may not be happy with this.