Help Me With Choosing A Case (Point Me In The Right Direction

Steve Bloomfield

Feb 14, 2015
Right folks, I massively need help finding a case to fit within specific dimensions, and as there are 1000's of cases which will be tireless to go through on my own, im hoping someone might know of something or can at least point me in the right direction...

Basically, I recently purchased a desk, now, my current case, Corsair Carbide 540 does fit in the space/cupboard i want it to, but extremely snuggly (obviously no good), so I need to move my system out this case into a new one without changing much, i'm not fussed on brand or design, but obviously i have a few caveats as follows...

Max Dimensions
Height 36cm
Depth 40cm
Width 30cm

must be ATX
Preferably a 280 Radiator Mount (although could change it)

Any help would be appreciated

For the metric impaired

Height 36cm = 14.17"
Depth 40cm = 15.78
Width 30cm = 11.81"

I just looked at my go to ITX case and it's 14.70" x 15.50" x 9.00"
and the go to mATX case is17.80" x 15.70" x 9.10"

here's the list of small mini towers on newegg

The Rosewill SCM-01 is 14.96" x 13.78" x 6.89"
The In WIN Z589T.CH350TB3 is 14.30" x 7.10" x 14.60" (H x W x D)

But these support Micro ATX boards

Corsair 200R is 16.93" x 8.27" x 19.57" (H x W x D)

It would seem that fitting a full ATX board inside those limitations is a tall order.


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