HELP!! My Windows 8 laptop wont let me do a factory reset!!


Apr 18, 2014
Hi! I am having extreme issues getting my HP Windows 8 laptop to do a factory reset! I had to do a factory reset a few mnths back because so many virus' were getting past my anti virus, I had a HP guy on my computer helping me. I reset the whole thing, it worked for a couple mnths and guess what!! I have to reset again... Only this time when i press my power button and press F11 over and over and it comes up in the bottom left corner " F11... System Reset" I can go and select it in the options but it tells me that im missing something and i need to find the file Windows is installed on and unlock it. Ok thats fine and dandy but WTF am i looking for! Theres over 100 files in the Windows section! Anyway im in need of help asap because i cant do anything on this laptop! Please Email me help! Because i most likely wont remember this site... my email is EDIT: email removed by Moderator
Please please please email me asap! Thank you sooooo much!

You'll get an email from the Forum to say you have a reply, so remove your email address before the spammers get hold of it....
It looks like your Recovery Partition is corrupt/missing, in which case you have no choice other than to contact HP and ask for Recovery Media, it may well cost you.
Meanwhile if your Laptop is bootable, try to perform a full Reset from within Windows. Restart your machine from the Charms Menu, but first hold down the 'Shift' Key before clicking 'Restart'
From the Option Screen choose 'Troubleshoot' then 'Reset your PC'
If that fails it's bad news for your Recovery Partition.
One faint hope would be to run EaseUs Partition Recovery, but I wouldn't be holding my breath...
Once downloaded run the Partition Recovery Wizard.


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