Help needed... finish build


Aug 30, 2011

i need a little to finalize my build

i already have a
CPU: Intel core i5 2500k
Graphics: Asus Geforce GTX560Ti DirectCUII TOP
MOBO: Asus maximus IV Gene-z
Case: Nox Raiden
sata, coller etc

but i can't decide myself on the PSU and RAM
do you think that a 600 or 650W can handle it? (i think i wont do oc or sli for now, if i do it in the future i can change the psu, but for now the budget can't go any further than this )
if so ... which one choose...
Antec Neo Eco 620c 620W
OCZ stealthXstream II 600W
OCZ fatal1ty series 500W
OCZ modXstream pro 700W
OCZ modXstream pro 600W
Coolmax 650W PFC 120mm
Corsair CX- 650W v2

And for the ram, i wanted 8gb (either in 4x2Gb 2x4Gb) what do you guys suggest? (1600 CL9? =P the best price/quality solution)

(sorry the bad english xD and thanks!)
the corsair or antec psu

the RAM timing is not so important for gamers , but you MUST use 1.5 volt RAM .

I would spend less on the motherboard . A high end board with features you dont want to use is just wasted money . It wont perform better than a board costing $50 less that uses the same Z68 chipset
Also since you are using an ATX case , why use a m-ATX motherboard?


Aug 5, 2011
4 gigs of RAM should be fine, and spend the rest of the money on the power supply.
The power supply and case can be used again in the future so try to get the best you can.