Help Needed.. Loading of Windows Lock Up


Jan 9, 2006
Ok I'm here to ask for some help from more knowledgable people than I.

The situation:

My mothers pc was working fine until a few days ago when she lost her wireless network connection. After that she tried rebooting, doing so brought her to the windows load screen. Immediately after that however was a solid black screen and never proceeded past that.

She has a Asus Nvidia based board if you need the exact spec i can get that.
amd 64 3000+
1 gig of ram
and a 250gig hd

I tried a few things already.

Safe mode works perfectly fine.

I removed the nvidia graphics driver incase it failed... didnt work..

reinstalled a fresh Nvidia driver.. didnt work

Ran a virus scan and it did find a virus on her system. But it was a low level threat (removed it)

I tried rolling the system back a few days to a working load time.. 2 days, a week, and 3 weeks prior. .. didn't work

I also tried using the repair utilities with the Winxp pro cd however the repair utlility locked up just prior to being able to enter any commands.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to remedy the situation? Or is a fresh install necessary?

thank you


Have you tried the "Last known good condition boot"?

If that fails, from save mode uninstall any hardware you dont need, nic card, sound card, firewire/pci card, etc. shut down the computer and remove these cards. Try a reboot.
If that works then add the cards back in one at a time doing full reboot between installs.
If all else fails try a repair install. Note this will mean you will need to do allthe windows updates.