Help needed with system recovery


Aug 21, 2011
When i try to do a system recovery with my backup cds there comes a point where the hard drive partitions, and the progress freeze either at 17 or 18 % complete, how do I complete the recovery if it continually freezes there? Oh and my computer screen remains black until I put a back up cd in, so I can't use my computer, can you please help?
Formatting of the HDD can take up to an hour or so depending on the size of the drive so are you allowing enough time for it to complete or are you thinking it has hung and restarting the system ? And you do realize that doing what you are doing is going to wipe everything off of the HDD and restore it to the state it was in when you first bought the system.
Depending of the Vista version, the backup CDs probably contain a full image of the hard disk. That's how I backup Vista Ultimate PCs to DVDs.