Question [Help] PC wont boot first time, won't wake up from sleep mode, and other weird stuff.

Feb 29, 2020
I've been having these weird issues with my custom built PC for a while now. I've kinda just been dealing with it whilst I try to figure out the problem but I can't (I'm not super smart with this stuff) So I thought I should finally ask for some help.

Motherboard - Asus Z390 Prime
Graphics Card - XFX RX 580 Black
CPU - I5 9600k
PSU - Corsair RM750x
RAM - 16GB Trident Z DDR4-3000mhz

Ok, now the problem... But before I continue, not sure if this helps but, the CPU, GPU, and RAM, all seem to be working fine, and running at proper speed/temps. But I'm also not too knowledgeable about this stuff.

When I turn my computer on the first thing I notice is everything is weird and discoloured almost like dead pixels or if I were to break my monitor (its usually hot pink + variations of green and blue) Most often these "dead pixels" take up the entire screen to the point that I can barely read text/logos, but other times it's just on a few sections or there will be a couple lines running down the screen. (I can get pictures if needed) This does go away after I boot into windows.

I've gotten into the habit of booting straight into BIOS and manually booting into windows from there. It will begin to load normally, then it will hang on a black screen and the computer will restart. This usually loops until I eventually just get it to boot into windows, either by doing Startup Repair/Restoring or just restarting many, many times.. I've had to reinstall Windows multiple times due to this too, because it simply would not boot. Reinstalling windows always fixed the issue.

And the final issue, my PC will not wake up when in sleep. If my PC goes to sleep, when I try to wake it, the screen simply stays black and will not turn on, I have to shut it off and restart it. My Keyboard and Mouse however both light up.

Sorry if I was vague/left out important details. First post and I just woke up :d

Thank you for reading, all help is appreciated!
Also, make sure ALL components are seated properly and evenly (CPU, video card and RAM).

Check that cables that need to be connected are connected properly (this includes CPU auxiliary and video card auxiliary).

Run chkdsk to check the HDD (if you are using one). Also run the HDD manufacturer HDD check utility available from most HDD manufacturer's.

I have suspicions regarding the PSU as well. Try another known working PSU and see what happens.