Question Help reinstalling windows after reset

Sep 17, 2019
I just sold my laptop and tried to reset it. The reset got stuck at 25% then failed. My laptop now turns on, shows the style note screen and then says 'Installing windows 64%' and then loops back to the start

My understanding is that I need to reinstall windows but I can't get into bios to install it from the memory stick that I have with Windows 10 on. I've tried all the bios keys that I can find.
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this one? -
Clevo made it for them.
Did you try F2? F7 is also a choice it seems

Did you try the full clean of bios/ec??

Turn the power off
remove battery
remove bios battery plug
press power button for 5/10 seconds
wait 5/10 minutes

Then, plug the bios battery, notebook battery and power on the machine!
noot same model but might help


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Aptio is the bios

and its not my fav one but it works. IIs there a boot tab?
  1. Plug in your USB drive
  2. Turn the Zenbook on
  3. Enter UEFI (BIOS) through pressing ESC or F2
  4. In 'Boot' tab: 'Disable Fastboot' (*)
  5. Press F10 to save & exit
  6. Immediately press ESC or F2 again
  7. In 'Boot' tab: your USB drive should be listed - change the order
  8. Press F10 to save & exit
  9. Your Zenbook should now boot from the USB drive
start at 4
its not same PC but its same bios -


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does it show you what version Aptio you are on? might be on main screen. might help find right instructions.

did you look at link, fast boot should show almost at top of boot config page. It could be a different version though, the one in shots could be older.


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if i search clevo site for that model number, its not there. Wonder how you meant to update the PC if there doesn't seem to be any driver support. Cyberpower isn't any better

is there a CSM menu? Try turning it on and see if it sees USB

could also contact cyberpower and ask them since they sold it...

I have to go as its late here but might move thread to laptop area as more people there might know answer