Question [HELP] setting up QoS settings in my router for a specific device.

May 23, 2020
i have a ReadyNet AC1200MS and the internet speeds are already not the best as we live further out from the city so ive switched the DNS servers to cloudflare which has made a decent difference but i still want to go a step further with my personal computer. The QoS settings page inside my router are extremely confusing. Instead of using a typical MAC address which ive seen done before it asks for all sorts of things and i have no idea what option to choose and where to get the information to fill in the blanks on the device i want to prioritze. so if anyone can explain as much of the options i have in my settings page as possible it would mean a lot. Thank you for any help ahead of time it is greatly appreciated.

here is a picture of what the settings panel looks like. i couldn't figure out any other way to upload the picture. ReadyNet QoS Settings Panel

if that link is not allowed maybe this one is. View:

if neither are allowed can someone please let me know where i can post a picture of it so i can have context to my question.
This router like most is extremely limited. You can match the source IP address of your PC. It likely only has the ability to assign the traffic to some "high" priority not that that really means much. This will only impact upload traffic this router has no ability to affect download traffic.