[SOLVED] HELP: Slow connecting programs and freezing games

Jan 18, 2020
Hey guys. I've been having a series of issues with my PC that seem to be related in some way that I need help diagnosing.

My chrome, discord, and steam are all having trouble connecting to the internet while my Microsoft Edge works perfectly fine. This problem was first noticed two weeks ago today but it was solved with a restart of windows. It appeared again a week ago but it did not go away with a restart and it took my discord 15 minutes to launch when it normally takes seconds. However, the issue disappeared by the next day. Now today I am having the same issue. It has come up a few times in between but restarting has fixed it. Only on the past two Saturdays has this issue not been solved by restarting. I suspected that a weekly virus scan could be to blame but my only scanner, Malwarebytes, has not been scanning. I tried playing a single player game today but I ran into frequent video freezes but the audio was unaffected. Task manager shows no stress to any components and CCleaner says the HDD is in good health. I feel crazy writing that the day of the week is affecting my computer but it doesn't seem like a coincidence. If anyone has any ideas, they would be appreciated.
  • Specs:
  • Intel i5-4670
  • Asus Gtx 970
  • Seagate 1tb HDD
  • Intel H87 Motherboard
  • G.Skill 16g RAM
  • 500W Power Supply
Jan 18, 2020
15 minutes to load discord... you are patient.

can't say I seen ccleaner used to check drive health before.
Try running this on HDD, short & long tests - https://www.seagate.com/au/en/support/downloads/seatools/seatools-win-master/
Thanks for your input. I meant to say Defraggler, not CCleaner when referencing HDD health. I ran the Seagate tests and my drive passed.

I ran into the same problem this morning. I ran a System File Check and no problems were found. I then tried updating hardware drivers and the only one I found to be out of date was the Motherboard. When it updated and the PC restarted the problem was solved!

I have a feeling this isn't the end of this issue as I'm unsure how a motherboard would cause this. I will update if it returns.

Thanks again!


Win 10 Master
Well, if it was chipset drivers it controls all the operations of PC so could be it updated the drivers used to run the drive. IIt would have been my next step after drives tested out ok.

I hadn't noticed the SMART ( Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) screen in defraggler before. It wouldn't be my 1st choice for checking driver health but its nice it has that. I have it set to ignore my ssd since you don't normally defrag them.. but anyway.

Hopefully that has you sorted now :)