Help voice chat applications and games are experiencing internet problems, but streaming videos or music doesn't.

May 18, 2018
This started about a month ago, but using voice chat applications, or playing games totally bombs the internet for just me. I live with a family of 3 and there's no difference in my internet when they're streaming video or anything like that.
The weird thing is that when I play games, ranging from MMORPG's to MOBA's when it's online the entire game will stop for a second and continue on fluidly, with MOBA's like League of Legends when the game stops when my game starts moving around again my ping will go from 60-100 to 800-1000.
When I host on BorderLands 2 the lag the other people get is also pretty bad.
My internet is fine when I'm video streaming, browsing, or music streaming.

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