Question Help with a monitor decision!


Oct 21, 2014
I am looking at finally upgrading my monitor and its all quite confusing. So any advice would be terribly appreciated.

Usage: Mostly Secondlife, taking and editing Secondlife photos, web browsing, maybe watching YouTube videos or hockey games, office work - very light casual gaming..

What I would like in a display: Very good color accuracy and "pop" for the pictures. A USB-C connectivity with power charging. Prefer 24-24 inch. I'd like a KVM to switch between two computers. The kicker is that one is a 2020 M1 Macbook Air and I hear there have been issues with that. The other is an old Windows PC with a GTX 1060.

Pricewise if possible I need to stay in the $400 range, so I know compromises have to be made.

The ones I have been looking at are:

BenQ 2506Q (I worry this is 1440p and have seen M1 Mac horror stories)
BenQ 2705U (a little high pricewise) - I seem to really like the looks of BenQ not sure why.
Dell U2723QE

Its all possibly overkill for what I want. The 2506Q is probably fine but I worry about the 1440p/Mac1 issues, and is 1440p kind of putting me behind the eight ball for the future?