Question Help with build no longer working despite replacing failed PSU

Mar 19, 2021
Hi all,

I am having trouble with my build that I put together in October. It was working perfectly til February.

Original build:
CPU- Ryzen 3900x
RAM- G.skill Ripjaw 2x16 3200
Storage- Western Digital Blue 2 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive
GPU- EVGA 2070 RTX Super
PSU- EVGA 850W 80+ gold fully modular

Sometime in February I came home and the machine was still plugged in but the RGB from the MB was not on. I troubleshooted and the PC wouldn't turn on. I checked the PSU with a paper clip test and it failed the test. EVGA sent me a 1000W 80+ gold fully modular as a replacement. Now when plugged in RGB is on. The PC powers on. However, there is no power from the PC to the keyboard or mouse. Also one of the two monitors tries to register something as coming through, but there is no image. The second monitor does not seem to notice anything when I turn on the PC. They are connected to the GPU by DVI. I thought it might be something with the MB, but given the monitors are connected the GPU I'm not sure. I did replace all of the cables from the PSU to the CPU, MB, and the GPU and nothing. Anyone have any other ideas? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
there's a good chance when the PSU went, it burned out other components too.
it could be that your motherboard is damaged since USB and video output aren't working correctly.
even though the displays are connected via the GPU, the motherboard still controls how the GPU functions through the PCIe port that could have issues due to the malfunctioning motherboard.
and if the system can't post or enter the OS, than nothing is going to function anyway.

the best way to troubleshoot the components to determine what is still functional is to try each piece one at a time in a known functioning system.
the easiest way, though definitely not the cheapest, may be to take it to a computer shop and have them do it for you.