Question Help with cat 6 networking

Dec 23, 2020
Hi all. I bought 50m of cat 6 to connect 2 routers together, in the main buulding 1 router is connected to the phone line and in the second building in my garden the router will be connected using the Ethernet cable and it will act as an accsess point, i setup the routers using a pre made cable and then setup them up in their building with my diy made cat 6 straight over cable, it didnt work, it didnt even register there was a cable. I used the pre made ethernet cable and it worked. It seems like iv not made the cat 6 correctly. I even made a short 1m cable to test and that doesn't work please help the 1m cat 6 cable i made to test the cat 5 pre made cable

the pre made works, my own doesnt. I double checked the wirings of my own diy cable and they run on RJ45 T-568B


While I can see that the premade is correctly 568B and each wire is inserted far enough, on the one you made I can see the correct order but not that the wires are full engaged and it appears that more than one wire may be in one and one may have no wires in it.

Take a very close look at the individual wires and how well they are engaged into the correct slot for each.

Also, did you use a proper RJ45 crimping tool on your sample?


It may look like that from that image but as you see here they are all in the correct hole
looking at this image it looks like the brown/white, brown pins might be damaged and not allowing contact at the plug. I would cut that end off and redo it.

looking at the First picture the clear plastic is damaged and bent over the pins, that wont allow the plug to contact the RJ45 jack end.