Question help with Corrupted files on HDD that is invisible and cannot be deleted


Aug 21, 2009
I have Win10 running on SSD and a HDD(E:) as media storage. i downloaded a 100gb video file that splitted into rar files. So first time i tried to extract the file on the HDD, i got a header error(iirc) and crashed the HDD, so i have to power off the PC manually by unplugging. once i restarted, the extracted file is there but its unplayable. so i deleted it. tried to extract again, same thing happened. restarted the PC again and drag everything to SSD to extract and it everything when fine.

But the problem is, when i got to defrag in win10, my HDD doesnt show up, i tried repairing it, and window say everything is fine. but still doesnt show up on degrag. when i tried to use ccleaner to clean, it crashed the HDD when it get to the bin with the video file. but the problem is, the bin is empty on desktop.

anyone know whats wrong?