Question Help with frame drops


Oct 13, 2014
Within the last couple of weeks I've noticed really bad frame drops while gaming. I did a clean updated driver install, windows reinstall, bios is up to date. I updated pretty much every other drivers updates ailable for my pc. I've done several complete virus checks ects.
I noticed while using the task manager performance graphs my gpu usage completely drops and I loose frames down to around 10 or so. Last night I noticed that it was doing the same thing while I wasn't gaming and just surfing the net. On the task manager graphs I was noticing spikes on cpu used and gpu usage every time my pc would slow down. Before I send my gpu in for rma I was hoping someone can help!!!.
My system is
Gigabyte 2080ti
I7 8700k
Evga super Nova g3 1000w ps
Gigabyte gaming 5 mobo
Gskill 3200 16 gb ram
Samsung 970 nvme


Can you specify the model for your Gigabyte motherboard? Also, you might want to state the version of BIOS you're currently on. How old is the PSU? Have you tried using DDU to uninstall your drivers? You should reinstall the drivers for your GPU with the latest sourced from Nvidia's support site and install them in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

Also, did you recreate the installer for your OS using Windows Media Creation Tools?

Mention the titles you've experienced the issue with, with out mentioning an etc in that sentence.